I recently used the Pacific Blues film recipe, from Fuji X Weekly, based on the Classic Negative film simulation, to test the Fuji X-H2 and the Fuji X-H2s to compare the resolution and image quality of the cameras. I have really enjoyed the rich, contrasty tones of this recipe. Here are some images I took with the Pacific Blues film recipe (see caption for camera details).

Fuji X-H2s, 56mm F/1.2 lens
Here is the film recipe from Fuji X Weekly. I pay an annual fee for the premium version of the app. It’s worth it.

See the Pacific Blues film recipe on Fuji X Weekly

Fuji X-H2, 56mm F/1.2 lens

One of the surprises of this film recipe, given its name, is the warm amber hues of certain shots – particularly the Jeep and the one of Darlene and Daisy. I might think I somehow got this recipe wrong except that Ritchie on the Fuji X Weekly site has a great shot of a surfer riding a wave and covered in a magnificent golden haze and the entire image is dominated by those warm tones.

Fuji X-H2, 56mm F/1.2 lens

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  2. […] photos were taken with the Fuji X-H2 with the 16-55mm lens. Film recipe: Pacific Blues from Fuji X Weekly but modified in Capture One to use the Classic Chrome film simulation as a […]

  3. […] The film recipe I used as a base was Pacific Blues, and I am grateful to have discovered it. In Capture One, I switched the base film simulation to Classic Chrome to process these since it raised the highlights and exposed a bit more detail in the images, which were on the dark side straight out of camera. Pacific Blues served as a good base for the week for my test shots, and I think it’s the start of a new tradition: selecting a film recipe for the week to shoot on my lunch break, on errands, on random moments where I am waiting. […]

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