I took a photowalk at lunch. Okay, I really parked in front of this sign and conducted a test. One composition, one exposure setting, one film recipe, three cameras.

SS 1/1250. F/5.6. ISO 160.

Can you tell which is which? The immediate difference I noticed is that the custom white balance of 5800k in the X100v produces a warmer image compared to the X-H2 and X-H2s. Also, the two cameras with the newer sensors are darker than the 4th generation 26 MP Trans IV sensor in the X100v. Maybe the x100v is more sensitive in the highlights, more likely to overexpose sooner?

Preferring the warmer, brighter look, I’m going to adjust some of the settings to adapt the Pacific Blues film recipe for the new sensors. I’ll move the highlights on the tone curve and the shadows up by 1/2 a stop. And I’ll try 6000 Kelvin. Will report back and share what I find.

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