Top Hat Liquor store in Pomona

Last July, I took two cameras I had borrowed from Fuji – the GFX50R and the X-H1 – as well as my own Fuji X-T4 out to capture a few local liquor stores that have a cool look at night with some neon signs. I shot the stores with all three cameras, and then did a blind test where I gave images a 5 star rating if I liked them, and finally revealed to myself – for the images I most liked – which camera had produced them. Most of my preferred shots came from the GFX50R. These were shot with a Cinestill film recipe. You can see the results on this Instagram post.

Since then, I returned the two borrowed cameras and I sold my X-T4, bought both the X-H2 and the X-H2s, and decided to return the X-H2. See my previous post on that decision.

I was out around sunset running errands and, having my camera bag with me, decided to run the X-H2s by the three locations and grab some photos to test it out on the same subjects as before. I shot with the Pacific Blues film recipe but later in Capture One, I decided I liked the greenish hue from the Cinestill film recipe of the original photos so I tweaked one photo using the Normalize tool and copied the white balance to the others. A few other adjustments – brightening the sky on the two that included a bit of the fading sky in the west, for one, and adding a bit of film grain, for another, – and here are the results.

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