I decided to return the X-H2. Less than a month after it shipped to my house.

I went to the B&H order page and clicked the button to “start a return.”

They asked for a reason.

I typed “not enough difference in resolution from the X-H2s which I also bought.” I submitted the form.

The website said to wait and I will be contacted.

I got an email not too much later, within an hour, that said

We are sorry that you are not satisfied with your purchase. Here’s how to return it….”

B & H Photo

And that was it. I printed the shipping label. Paid the $11 at the counter for shipping costs.

And I wish it farewell.

Where it will eventually go back on sale as a returned or refurbished item. And definitely, definitely, make someone else happy. Because it’s a good camera. It’s just not a good fit for me. And for what I want in a “high resolution” camera.

Bye, Fuji X-H2.

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