I set out to take care of an important errand: getting my wife’s car washed. I threw the camera bag in the car, with the Fuji X-H2s and the 56mm lens on it, on the front passenger seat. Who knew what this trip would hold in terms of photography? (See my previous post to see another outcome of this trip to run errands.)

I noticed the fading sunset as I headed north to the car wash. I saw the alpenglow on the tip of Mt. Baldy up ahead. I knew I had missed golden hour and the “good light.” At the car wash, I brought the camera out and grabbed a few shots, noticing the cooling glow of the vanished sun on the western horizon, trying to work that glow into my compositions.

The film recipe I used as a base was Pacific Blues, and I am grateful to have discovered it. In Capture One, I switched the base film simulation to Classic Chrome to process these since it raised the shadows and exposed a bit more detail in the images, which were on the dark side straight out of camera. Pacific Blues served as a good base for the week for my test shots, and I think it’s the start of a new tradition: selecting a film recipe for the week to shoot on my lunch break, on errands, on random moments where I am waiting.

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