As opposed to last week where I chose a film recipe based on a bit of research, this week I chose a film recipe based off of the idea of capturing warm autumn vibes, and I thought of the favorite film stock, Portra. I looked through the Fuji X Weekly app, did a search for the word “Portra” and found 13 results. I looked at a few and made a mental note of one I liked. I remember that another film recipe I’d used recently had used the white balance setting of Daylight so I did another search through the Fuji X Weekly app for “daylight” white balance and found more than thirty film recipes. I added the search term “Portra” back in after filtering for the daylight white balance setting and found that 7 film recipes came back, the first being the one I had made mental note of. I decided that would be the film recipe of the week.

So, here it is, Kodak Portra 400:

My wife and I, and my dog Daisy, went to a local college campus for a Sunday morning walk, and I tried out this film recipe. So far, it’s right on the mark. Warm autumn vibes coming!

The campus was a lot more active and crowded with walkers and students than these photos show – looking back at these, there is definitely a quiet, peaceful, but almost an apocalyptic feel, like everyone was removed from the planet. Or maybe something more positive – a utopian vibe, like these are from an uninhabited model world. There are people in the shots, but you really have to search for them.

This week, I am looking forward to taking lunchtime photowalks and getting some photos while I am running errands.

I am curious about how this film recipe will turn out on early morning/dawn/sunrise photos and on images taken at night, like long exposure/light trail type of photos.

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