Lunchtime photowalk turned into a a vintage car photo session, which then led into an exploration of some down on their luck vehicles that had seen better days, and were long past their operational days. I’ll add a post of the shiny 56 Buick Century later today or tomorrow, but front and center in this post are some non-shiny cars.

Enjoy these forgotten vehicles, which produce a sort of Walking Dead vibe, which I quite like, since there were no actual zombies around. I did keep looking over my shoulder however, even though I had asked the owner of the auto repair shop associated with the parking lot for permission to snoop around and take photos.

One of the features I love about this photo set, is the collision of nature and auto, the dry leaves around the tire, the healthy green tree almost consuming the car parked under it.

Once upon a time, that Lincoln Continental was a pretty sweet ride, I’m sure. What I loved most is there was an reflective aqua-colored windshield screen, the kind you put up when the car is parked to keep out the heat, laying face up in the back seat. Focused on the Lincoln’s symbol on the window (kind of a posh mark), the camera blurs out the background and the windshield screen provides a soft wash of delicious color in the background.

X100v. Kodak Portra 400 film recipe.

2 responses to “Old Cars and Cloudy Weather”

  1. JerredZ (@JerredZ) Avatar

    LOVE these old car details man. You know I do!

    1. Wes Kriesel Avatar

      Yes, I do. Great video with the 35 F/1.4 lens and cars on your channel!

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