I used to shoot with the Fuji X-T4 and a stunning lightweight portrait lens: the Viltrox 56mm F/1.4 lens. It’s affordable and provides a great amount of separation of your subject from the background.

The lens holds a lot of great memories like playing in puddles with a 3D printed Hulk action figure. Shutter speed here was 1/1000 and crispy results at  F/1.6 aperture.

Like stopping strangers to ask if their gorgeous Husky would pose for a portrait.

Or capturing magical blossoms (orchids?) across the street from the Los Angeles City Hall. This lens transformed the lights in the background into amazing round soft fairy orbs.

Or street photography, getting scenes of bridal parties posing, at Pasadena City Hall, while out on a leisurely afternoon walk with the family.

Or dramatic product photography for my Instagram.

Or sunrise photography of surfers down at the Huntington Pier.

All of this is good. Great even. Light. Sharp. Affordable. Bokeh-licious. But now that I have the Fuji X-H2s, the lens will not properly mount on the camera. It simply makes a few clicking or whirring noises, the back screen flickers, it makes a few more noises, then the camera screen goes dark and the lens is not recognized by the camera body and doesn’t work. What’s the issue? Anyone know?

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