True story and fun fact: I set my phone to “shift” into nighttime or bedtime mode at 10pm, which means that the phone desaturates the display giving me a greyscale view of my Home Screen & apps. [Side note: This feature is supposed to help you get ready to fall asleep and avoid the blue light that can stimulate your brain and take away the “sleepy feeling” that we associate with evening and getting ready for bed. Mac computers have this, called Night Shift, which is awesome, unless you’re attempting to edit photos as it makes everything look like it’s lit by firelight.] It’s after 10pm, when I realize I’ve not yet chosen a film recipe to feature for the week.

I open up the Fuji X Weekly app and start to scroll through possible recipes. Without color information, I am left to choose based on, almost exclusively, contrast. I look for recipes that, when viewed in black and white, seem punchy and interesting.

I land on a recipe called XPro, give it a star to bookmark it and put the phone down. Night night.

I wake up to revisit my film recipe choice, and shock runs through my veins, and I shudder with nervous energy. What have I done? The recipe is so, so, so, weird and blue, no, teal, aqua, turquoise – looking.

I google the term “XPro film recipe Fuji X Weekly” I find more than one option. I go back to the app, scroll to the bottom of the page for “XPro” and click the tiny button “Open Webpage.” See samples above from Ritchie Roesch’s page for this recipe.

I set the recipe up on the GFX100s and set the aspect ratio to 65:24 (see my post about that here) head out to walk around the neighborhood to get some samples. See the top of the post for one image.

See the image below for another of our friendly, if slightly unusual neighborhood cat.

My images don’t match the teal/aqua hue of the recipe, which now that I re-read it, see is for the X-Trans III sensor. I’ll have to do some experimenting and try to dial the color in more closely. More testing ahead! Stay tuned!

Update: see screenshot of the recipe below. Can you guess which setting I overlooked when setting up my recipe? It’s pretty obvious now that I revisit the recipe. The red and blue shifts of – 6 and – 9. Add those back in and we are in business.

I made some adjustments in the color editor to emulate what the cat photo would look like with the -6 and -9 color shifts in the recipe. See below.

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