I set a film recipe up for this week – XPro – and messed up by missing the red and blue shifts. I liked the result as good as I could like such a cool film recipe but it didn’t have the unique teal tones from Fuji X Weekly’s photos. I found my error and adjusted.

Here are some test shots with the Fuji X100V of the Fuji GFX100s on my dining room table.

And, taking a suggestion from someone in the Fuji GFX group on Facebook, I created a custom crop as a preset/custom style in Capture One.

Interesting tones rich in green and yellow remind me of yesteryear, the 70’s, of some type of strife or struggle. The images seem oppressed or rife with pent up bitterness. Not sure why I read them that way. The samples on Fuji X Weekly seem quite glorious. Maybe this recipe does better in bright light. I’ll try some outdoor shots next.

Last thought: somehow this film recipe reminds me tonally of what the cinematography achieves/reaches for in Ozark. Shadows become characters as highlights become rarer.

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