I’m lucky when I get to go out and shoot with other people, and one of my favorite people to go shoot with is Pablo. He runs a YouTube channel found here.

We typically go out and shoot landscape and sunrise photography, often before work or while we are out at a work conference. The skies were dramatic this particular morning, and we got some fun light trail shots, and some unexpected car photography in. A couple of times I turned and caught Pablo in the middle of doing his thing, and I raised the GFX100s up and captured the moment. It’s a powerful camera with a lot of room to crop in. Check out the original photo (bottom) compared to the vertical crop below. The original shot is unremarkable, underexposed and well, uninspiring. However, the crop puts Pablo right up against the drama of the sky, instead of so much focus on the rocky foreground.

Here’s another morning we were out shooting together.

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  1. Pablo Diaz Avatar

    Thanks for the shout-out and the great pics on the Fuji!

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