Throwback post to when I was rocking a Fuji X-T4. The car shots were taken with my favorite X-series lens of all time – the 23mm F/2. The Los Angeles skyline shot was taken with the Viltrox 56mm F/1.4, which is a lens I loved until it did not work with the new Fuji X-H2s. I’m so bummed. Read more about my problem here.

These photos were from New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago when Darlene and I went for a photo walk in a historic neighborhood just north of downtown LA.

I always wanted to do a real dedicated photo shoot with cars like these, and in fact I got the contact info for one of the drivers and still think of hitting him up to do a photo shoot. I’m grateful for this car club, which we randomly ran into as they were getting prepared to drive out to a car rally.

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