This photo was taken with the Fuji X100V. It’s a photo of the Fuji X-T4, a camera I didn’t love. I can’t really tell you why, but there you have it. It might have been the shallow grip meant the camera never really felt secure in my hand. I remember the unboxing I did of the Fuji X-H2s and realizing how the depth of the grip made the camera feel at home in my hand. You can watch that video below and see that moment of truth at about 6:40.

I know that I am probably in the minority as the X-T4 was a beloved model in recent years. I’d argue that the prioritization of the video specs and features on the X-T4, like internal 10-bit video recording, led to the adoption of the X-T4 by filmmakers and video creators, spreading its popularity and the helping push the reach of the Fuji brand past photographers.

Above is a fun series I shot of the X-T4 using the Fuji X100V. More than anything when I look at these photos, is not a sense of longing for the Fuji X-T4, but is actually the realization of how great a camera the Fuji X100V is. The minimum focusing distance is about 6 inches, and the F/2 lens (albeit a fixed lens so not flexible) delivers a sharp and engaging image with super smooth bokeh and great separation of the image from the background.

When I look back on images I shot with the X-T4, I love the images (see some of my work with the X-T4 here and here. They look how I want my images to look. However, I didn’t love the workflow and process as I was shooting RAW and doing quite a bit of editing and post-processing. I don’t think I was very comfortable using Fuji cameras and testing the film simulations out, or using film recipes for that matter. I was editing in Lightroom, and still shooting Canon, so I was trying to fit my Fuji camera workflow into my Canon workflow. And it was not a smooth fit. Fast forward to late 2021, I sold my Canon gear (bye bye Canon R5!) and have moved over to editing in Capture One. The experience and results are so much MORE than what I was experiencing with the X-T4 and Lightroom. I’m using the X-H2s, the GFX100s, and the X100v all in Capture One (though on the X100v I’m mostly using jpegs SOOC).

Why all the reminiscing about the X-T4? I mean, I don’t even own the camera anymore (though I did by it twice). I came across a video on my channel that is almost two years old titled “Should You Buy the Fuji X-T4?” Watching that video made me reflect that you can have a bunch of reasons to do something – like reasons to purchase a particular camera – but that doesn’t always make it a good decision. Watch the video below – all good reasons to buy the X-T4.

Now there is another reason that I could be reminiscing about the X-T4, and that is the arrival of the X-T5, and you know…it’s tempting to buy that because what if another new camera solves all my problems!

Spoiler alert: it won’t.

Spoiler alert: I pulled the trigger on the X-T5, put it in my B & H shopping cart, and purchased it. Then, as it was back-ordered and I had time to reflect on my life and my choices, I logged in and canceled my order.

I’ll share more about the reasons why I canceled my X-T5 order in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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