Do you ever do something completely on impulse? Not instinct. Impulse.

I ordered the Fuji X-T5 on impulse. I didn’t want to be left out. I mean, I almost loved the Fuji X-T4. I loved its retro styling. I loved the black and silver look. I loved the accessories – the little grip I bought for it that had a wood grip and the custom shutter button. I mean, it was dialed in.

The impulse to order the X-T5 was based on watching other photographers talk about ordering and receiving their orders of the Fuji X-T5. I wanted to be in that mix. In the moment. The excitement. The longing that waiting for a new camera brings.

Totally lame.

I woke up and smelled the coffee, so to speak.

I always talk about checking in with yourself on use, price and performance – or better, use, performance and lastly, price, when thinking about purchasing camera gear.

The X-H2s does everything the X-T5 would. Period. The X-T5 would merely be a 40MP version of the X-H2s, and I’d already purchased the X-H2 and sent it back. It just didn’t “do it” for me. You can watch one of my videos on that realization below.

Taking a more objective look at the X-T5, what did I hope to gain?

40MP on paper produces higher resolution images. But watch Omar Gonzalez’s video comparing the 16MP, 24MP, and 26MP Fuji cameras to the 40MP camera and you have enough to chew on as to whether there’s enough significant difference for most of us.

Other than that, I have the newest film simulation, Nostalgic Negative, which I love. They both have IBIS. They both have weather sealing. They both have dual card slots. They both use the same battery.

In fact, I need to embrace what made me instantly fall in love with the X-H2s: how it felt in my hand due to the beefier grip.

And I need to dismiss reasons that people love the X-T4 and the X-T5 that are not really true for me: the retro “knob” type of exposure controls. The fact is that I really prefer the command dials as I can easily adjust exposure with one finger, and I don’t mind the PSAM dial setup at all.

So, do I need the newest new thing out there?

No, I don’t. What do you need? Leave me a comment and let me know!

2 responses to “Why I Canceled my Fuji X-T5 Order?”

  1. JerredZ (@JerredZ) Avatar

    MY MAN! This spoke right to me. Honestly, I was going to cancel my pre-order as well… but the fear of being left out got in the way. I needed to hear this man. Maybe I’ll click the “return” button like you did on the XH2….

  2. Wes Kriesel Avatar

    Hey Jerred! Thanks for taking the time to read! The bottom line is that we should check in an make an individual decision that really fits with our goals, purpose, passion and happiness. And there is also definitely pressure as content creators to have authenticity and relevant experience with the gear that people are looking for information and insight on! That’s a whole other topic!

    Looking forward to what you decide. I know that reviewing my XH2 images, I do think the images hold up, not in terms of pixel peeping with the X-H2s, but there’s a magical quality. I think the X-T5 will have that for you!

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