[Since discovering the 65:24 pano mode in the GFX100s, I have saved it onto the custom setting for the weekly film recipe, so that I get a pano jpg and a full RAW image. ]

We are on a week long trip up the California coast over the Thanksgiving break, and on day 2, I wake up just before dawn to the sound of the waves and the soft pink light of dawn.

Few clouds touch the sky and the western horizon holds a palette of blue and violet. In the coastal haze over the water, brushes of pink highlights emerge.

I walk to the shore and watch the small seabirds scuttle and shuttle back and forth. A couple of sandpipers jab their beaks for breakfast into the surf-soaked sand.

Glancing back over my shoulder, I survey the eastern sky above the sand dunes blossoming with sherbet orange strips of clouds.

The film recipe I’m using this week is Ektachrome (for GFX) from Fuji X Weekly. And I have to say that the jpeg images are much to my liking. The images on this post are from RAW files and I bumped the shadows somewhat and pulled down the highlights for a brighter, more balanced image overall.

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