Happy Thanksgiving! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m putting off the livestream I’ve been planning featuring other photographers testing out the same film recipe and I’m looking forward launching that very soon! That is tentatively going to be called something like “The FROTH Show,” using the acronym FROTH for Film Recipe of the Hour.

Right now, I’ve got another film recipe to feature and share – this one, called Ektachrome from Fuji X Weekly, is strictly for GFX cameras, so I’ll be shooting mainly with the GFX100s for FROTH this week.

Here is one test shot of a still life subject. I rather like this juxtaposition of fall-colored leaves, green ivy and the chainsaw.

A couple other test shots from a walk around Bonelli Regional Park below.

If I had to describe this film recipe, I’d say snappy, contrasty, brick reds and pine greens. Soft blues on the slightly green pastel side.

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