On the last night of a work conference down in Long Beach, Pablo and I go out for a bit of photography, a little sunset photowalk. We actually don’t expect a terrific sunset as it has been cloudy and overcast all day.

While the outlets glow bright with neon lights, the streets seem eerily quiet. We set up on a pedestrian bridge that runs over the Main Street along the water’s edge and wait for traffic to pass below, creating light trails for our images. Sometimes it seems we wait five minutes for a car to pass by.

The wheel begins to turn and I trigger the shot. The camera clicks and the shutter closes after six and a half seconds.

I turn the front command dial and set the shutter for a 13 second exposure. The Ferris wheel stops turning. I wait for the cars at the stoplight to take off and snap another photo.

Watch the video below that I filmed on this outing.

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