I’m choosing this film recipe exactly because it pushes me out of my habits and my comfort zone.

So, this recipe is based on using a high ISO. Check it out, load it into your camera, go out and shoot and then send me your shots to share in the next livestream. I’m already surprised by the softness and sophistication(?) of the grain that this high ISO recipe brings.

Join this week’s (12/4/22-12/11/22) film recipe challenge using Luis Costa’s black and white recipe below:

Film simulation: Acros Red

Dynamic Range: DR200

Highlights: +3

Shadows: +4

Noise reduction: -4

Sharpening: -1

Grain effect: off

Exposure compensation: between +1/3 and +2/3

ISO: usually 12800 but sometimes I’ll switch to Auto-ISO with a minimum of 2000 if there’s too much light or if I want less grain

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