All images in this post are jpegs, straight out of the camera, using Eterna film simulation.

One of the first events that I shot with the Fuji X-H2s was an event for the children in the community and featured, among other things, a bike rodeo or obstacle course put on by the police department.

The X-H2s did a fantastic job tracking riders as they cycled through the obstacle course, always locked on to the helmet.

A few times, when the rider was very close to me, the camera locked on the background, but this may have been because the rider was inside the minimum focusing distance.

All in all, the motorcycle tracking mode worked great for taking photos of these young cyclists.

I even got a photo of the police officer modeling how to ride through the course.

Caveat: A couple of the images (not posted here) were in focus but too soft for my liking, and that may be due to my lens choice. All of these images were shot with the brand new 56mm F/1.2 lens from Fuji.

I even tried out shooting with a bit of animal eye detect to track a pet that someone brought to the event. Works great!

Again, these shots were with the 56mm lens and there are other faster lenses out there, such as the 16-55mm. So far, I’m very happy with these shots.

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