Samples images from the X-M1

Here are two sample images I took with the X-M1 – new to me! I picked it up used (check out my post on it here) just before Christmas.

Being new to this camera means I didn’t realize that it only had 4 film simulations, Provia, Velvia, Astia and Monochrome. This makes for limited film recipes but I’m actually learning more about the process of creating film recipes because of the limited options.

I will probably create and release at least one unique film recipe for this camera.

Also, it looks awesome paired with the Viltrox 56mm F/1.4 lens and the 7Artisans soft white mist filter.

I also tested out a film recipe called Reminiscent Print for the X-M1 from Fuji X Weekly, paired with the Viltrox 13mm lens. Enjoy these backyard shots featuring Daisy.

I love this shot, the catchlight in Daisy’s eye, but also the subtle rendering of the sky where you can almost make out the hazy clouds softened by the lens’ rendering of the depth of field. The clouds are more perceptible in the underexposed shot below.

And for good measure, I included an overexposed shot, which probably resembles “film” the most, but I miss the blue of the sky.

A fun test would be to work with the raw files and see how much I can recover from the highlights and shadows. Check out an upcoming post for that!

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