The X100V is not weather proof straight out of the box. You are supposed to add a filter adapter, and then add a filter before you can say the little fixed lens camera is weather resistant.

I’ve added the filter adapter and the Cinebloom 5% filter since I got the camera about six months ago, but today was my first outing in the rain.

I set out to walk Daisy and the sky, overcast and grey, sent a thin mist down that barely created a sheen on the windshield. However, as we parked in the Park and Ride parking lot on the side of the freeway and crossed over into the entrance of Bonelli Park, the falling mist thickened. We set out on the walking path that circled the park, headed toward a fishing pier and beach where they rent paddleboats that I knew was not to far away.

As the small wood pier that stuck out into the lake grew closer (Composition #1), I looked out to the north fascinated that the shore of this tiny lake – really a reservoir not much bigger than a pond – disappeared into a blanket of fog. Daisy really wanted to get at the water birds that flocked on the shores and with her whimpering and scrabbling paws, she made them nervous enough to swim out from shore toward the middle of the water. I liked the thin band of dark silhouettes in the middle of the silver water. Composition #2.

I love the abandoned look of the paddleboats and their bright colors contrasted against the dull day.

All in all, the X100V held up to the wetness of the day, no problem whatsoever. I did have a challenge holding Daisy’s leash with one hand and trying to focus and be steady with the other, but mostly, since the day was bright and my shutter speed was very fast (1/1000 or faster), the pictures had very little noticeable camera shake.

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