It’s 2023, Make Your Move

I started out the new year as an event photographer, that’s right – year is off to a good start. I documented a local Kwanzaa celebration with the community, and one of the moments I loved was seeing a chess match between a grandmother and her grandson.

Fuji X-S10, 56mm. ISO 100, SS 1/100, F/1.2

I loved shooting this event – having rented out my Fuji X-H2s for New Year’s weekend on Sharegrid – and choosing between one of three backup cameras: the X-M1, the X-S10, and the GFX100s.

First lesson of the new year: The X-S10 is a little powerhouse and very capable. Did a lot of handheld off-camera flash with it. The X-M1 produces some beautiful images and it just takes presence of mind to remember that the camera needs a little more grace and understanding to compose and capture a sharp image.

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